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CMP. Real People FW 15/16 campaign video

A passion for nature, a love for working outdoors and for the most authentic values. Values that are an integral part of the lives of the people featured in the Real People, Real Products, True Stories integrated campaign. Season after season, this campaign (now in its fourth year) adds new tesserae to its mosaic. The latest is a portrait of shepherdess Elettra Monico. As a child she dreamt of having her own mountain farm. Today she divides her working life between the goatfold and alpine pastures in the company of her mohair-breed goats, from which she obtains luxury wool. Her endless passion makes this hard, tiring job light and satisfying. Again, Pubblimarket2  chose the person, prepared the script and produced the video, which can be viewed online (like the other eleven in the series) on a dedicated website,, on the firm's social media pages and in CMP's own stores.